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Find places that take safety seriously

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Our vision is to help the world return to normal. We empower people make informed decisions as the world starts to open up again and give business owners the ability to report the safety measures they're taking.

As our first step, we're building Yelp, but for safety measures. We created a system of checks and balances: businesses self-report their safety practices and users can verify what they see while visiting.

Our longer term plan is to create "safe zones" where people can enter without worry - imagine a world with rapid testing at the door of your local grocery store and 100% contact tracing within a business.

How far along is it

We finished developing the MVP app + backend and have gotten approval from both the App Store and Play Store as an approved COVID app. We are in partnership with several city and state governments in the US to launch the product. Our next step is to build out the business portal so local stores can self-report their safety measures.

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United States

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We're looking for engineers to help build out the business portal for owners to self report their safety practices.

Tech stack: Typescript, Node, React

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Zero is a non-profit organization led by a team of tech industry veterans, including ZocDoc's cofounder. We have built a small team of engineers from Facebook, Y Combinator, LinkedIn, Singapore's TraceTogether, and more. We've also started building out a team of epidemiologists and public health experts to advise us on the path to making an impact during this pandemic.

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