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Covid-19 Accountability Project

To hold companies, organisations, politicians and public individuals accountable for their actions during the COVID-19 crisis

Created about 1 year ago
30 Volunteers

About the Project


To create a permanent database on how public entities (such as companies, organizations, politicians and individuals) from around the world acted during the COVID-19 crisis and in its aftermath, so that society can use this information to make more conscious decisions on how to consume, vote and engage with these entities in the future.

Many entities deserve praise and recognition for their efforts to protect workers, raise public awareness, and provide support to healthcare professionals and those in need during this crisis.
There are also many entities willing to put their profits above the lives of their employees, explore essential and frontline workers, withdraw labor rights, spread misinformation, perform insider trading, use public bailout money for executive bonuses and stock buybacks, and more.
Some of these actions are being published, but as time goes by news articles, Twitter posts, and Instagram photos fade away in endless feeds, becoming increasingly difficult to find until they are gone from collective memory. These actions must be remembered and these entities must be held accountable.

How far along is it

The project details, it's goals, criteria and inner workings are detailed in it's white paper. We are developing the website now.

Please contact me for the project white paper and website mockups.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

Design / UX / UI - Website design
Frontend - JS, Bootstrap, React, CSS, HTML, Webpack
Backend - JS, Node.js, Express.js
Database - PostgreSQL

Non Tech:
Journalist - Ethical use of information, criteria, granularity, standardisation
Data Scientist / Mathematician / Statistician - Help in creating a rating and classification scale

Others interested are welcomed as well :)

Project details

Who is already working on this

We have a multicultural team getting together :)

How to get in touch
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Organization status
Non-profit (EIN: Not US based)