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Connecting students in need to a volunteer tutor on call

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Due to some technical and other problems, we could not continue with the project. If anyone is interested and willing, You are most welcome to work around the similar idea and contribute in these tough times.

Not every student has access to the internet and smartphones to avail of the benefits of e-learning. Our idea is to connect such students who are in need to the volunteer tutors through a simple phone call. They can discuss their doubts, the tutor can teach some lessons verbally and this way they can have one to one interaction with the tutor.
So many capable people are interested in helping society in these tough times. They can volunteer as a tutor denoting a small portion of their free time to teach these students.

Calling faculty(for students), backend(match and connect with a tutor), App(for the volunteers)

Vernacular/Regional language (Hindi)
One to one interaction

Simple Flow:
1. A student calls on a fixed toll-free number.
2. He mentions the subject, class, and medium of his education.
3. Notification goes to relevant available tutors on the app.
4. The one who accepts gets the call.
5. The tutor solves the doubts.
6. Students and teachers give each other feedback.

A toll-free IVR(Interactive Voice Response) enabled number.
Asks name, class, and subject

Matching and Connecting:
Student calls and tells his/her subject, the tutor is searched in the volunteers who are online or who have filled the same preferred time.
We can also make some specific time slots.

App for the tutors:
Registration/signup: data collection: name, qualification, subjects which he/she can teach, timings, how much comfortable in Hindi medium, etc.
pdfs and material of NCERT and some standard government books. So that tutor can refer it while having a conversation with the student.
If a student of the same subject calls in the specified timing a popup notification is sent on the phone, if the tutor accepts, he is connected on call.
In addition to the specified time, if the tutor is free, he can turn on the availability button, and he will get notified if any student calls.
After every call and feedback by the student, the tutor gets some points, which can be used as some kind of incentive to the tutor. `

Student feedback: At the end of the call, there shall be small automated feedback. The student will be asked how did they like the session?
Tutor Feedback: In-app feedback feature.

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2-3 students including me

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