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Skool: Reinventing Remote Learning

Skōōl: On-Page Learning that turns the web into a classroom and makes thinking visible

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About the Project


Skōōl maximizes blended learning engagement while building literacy and critical thinking skills. Students can build self-directed learning, reasoning, critical thinking, and perspective taking skills for any content on websites across the internet. Teachers can easily view indicators of engagement and checks for understanding in real time. Skōōl augments blended learning environments with on-page, inquiry-based virtual learning that turns the web into a classroom and makes thinking visible.

How far along is it

We are in the exciting early stages of our venture!
Currently shaping our product in the startup studio at CommonVC.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

We need help launching the next phase of Skōōl which will require:
1) research potential pilot targets and thought leaders in the virtual education space
2) outreach to educator communities about the tool and our webinars
3) social media posting about the project and social media engagement with potential pilots and thought leaders
4) writing content about the project
5) business development - research potential partners and develop partnerships
6) create our web presence and build campaign-specific landing pages
7) use our alpha software tool to connect related pieces of content on different web pages
8) design and test the UX
9) research and initial outreach to funding sources to secure a meeting
10) help us build the tool

Project details

Who is already working on this

We have a small team of professionals. The founder is Daveed Benjamin:

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Non-profit (EIN: 20-5963476)