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# **What is the problem?**

COVID19 pandemic has demonstrated us that people want to collaborate and solve public problems joining forces. Problem is, the efforts that have come up are not more than aspirations, are projects that have a very limited aim or lack scalability or in the best case, they are open and in continuous growth but lack a proactiveness to ensure connectivity and collaboration.

# **The solution: HIVELINK**

We need to connect problem solvers and solutions seekers through a open-source, versatile, easy-to-use and intuitive digital environment. A web platform to share, connect and collaborate in public problem solving.

- CONNECT with like-minded individuals and organizations to scale-up your projects or to start new solutions.
- SHARE knowledge, resources and ready-to-deploy solutions.
- COLLABORATE worldwide with other problem solvers and solution seekers in a multidisciplinary and interconnected approach to solve problems.

# **What are our objectives?**

We want to “Generate collective solutions to public problems through an open-source digital platform”. This is only achievable by:

- Exchange information through an open-source active repository to solve public problems.
- Connect solutions to public problems through the creation of a communication channel between problem solvers and solution seekers.
- Collaboration between problem solvers and solution seekers from all parts of the world who have similar public problems to help generate collective solutions.

# **How we achieve them?**

HIVELINK.ORG has 4 working arms:

- A repository of each of the problem solvers solutions.
- A communication channel between problem solvers and solution seekers for solutions.
- An innovation ecosystem and aid request project creating platform.

Project and individuals matchmaking.

# **Who is intended for?**

- National, regional or local public agencies and governments
- Civil society organizations
- Citizens and social groups
- Academic institutions
- Anyone that has a public problem or a solution and wants to SHARE, CONNECT AND COLLABORATE.

# **Who is behind?**

A group of volunteering developers and activists that understand the necessity for collaboration, connection and sharing to solve problems. Now we want decision makers, public servants, NGOs, community leaders and citizens to be part of this worldwide effort to make our world a better place to live.

How far along is it

We are in the design phase and looking to develop the non-core components.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

We need to start form scratch... So any developers, programmes, people like me that don't know anything about coding but want to help!

Literally we need anyone!

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