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Essential workers on the frontline need your help. Send a package of household items you already own—without leaving your home.

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During this pandemic, we have asked essential workers to risk their lives so that our communities can stay safe at home. But who protects them? Give Essential lets donors send extra household items directly to an essential worker who needs them, providing a way to support the frontline from home.

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We've reached 49 states and are helping connect hundreds of donors and essential workers!

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We're looking for volunteers who can help facilitate matches between essential workers and donors as well as volunteers who can help with outreach. We're using Google Sheets and Slack!

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We're Amy and Rine, two college roommates. As we've watched COVID-19 unfurl and significantly change the world around us, we wondered what we could do to help. We were touched by the expressions of humanity we've seen in our communities, and launched Give Essential to help support the hidden frontline.

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