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Hey, You

Encourage quality Face-To-FaceTime between friends post-quarantine, and benefit COVID-19 recovery to boot.

Created over 1 year ago
80 Volunteers

About the Project


COVID took a lot from us — jobs, freedom, even lives — but it also brought us closer to the far-flung friends we started video chatting regularly.

Let's not give that one good thing back.

Our idea is to build a monthly, one-click way to FaceTime a friend you don't want to lose touch with again. Do it if you can, skip it if you can't — but to keep you honest, *every time you skip a call you make a donation to COVID recovery*.

How far along is it

*** Frontend: 80% complete ***
Refine animations
Adding a PR section
Building modals for the FAQ
General debugging

*** Database: Restarting ***
After running into issues getting it running we're looking to restart a simple Node.js server to host a TBC database
Creating the logic to trigger reminders
Linking to chatbot via API
General debugging

*** Chatbot: 50% complete ***
Revisions to copy
Adding in GIFs to make the experience more engaging
Making the data-entry options more robust (i.e. recognizing different phone # formats, etc.)
Automatically generating .ICS calendar invites

*** Branding: 50% complete ***
Developing logo
Choosing brand colors + fonts

*** Marketing + PR Strategy: 20% complete ***
Outreach to relevant charitable partners
Developing press resources
Creating target list + pitching press outlets

Help Needed

Skills needed
Software Design

Project details

Who is already working on this

• David + Johan — Friends and coworkers at a small ad agency who felt moved to help in the best way we knew how
• Jennifer — Working on the backend
• Ben — Working on the frontend

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