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The mission of #WriteToAppreciate is to spread kindness, to make people smile, and to bring our communities together.

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We know that senior living communities (including nursing care, assisted living, independent living, etc.) are unable to accept visitors so their residents may feel lonely. We also know that there are healthcare workers are on the front lines trying to fight the pandemic. Mental health is directly correlated with staying healthy and the ability to keep our immune system functioning optimally. Our goal is to brighten the days of these residents and healthcare workers and we need your help! We ask that you write at least one letter or draw one picture to send a message of encouragement. Your small gesture of kindness during these difficult times will go a long way. We say that we are making someone smile one letter or drawing (via email) at a time.

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#WriteToAppreciate is aware of 300+ letters sent to 60+ senior living communities and healthcare facilities across the United States of America.

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#WriteToAppreciate can benefit from volunteers sending letters to senior living communities and healthcare facilities, from volunteers contacting or recommending facilities to be added to our contact list, and from volunteers helping us spread the word. Please visit the website for more specific information.

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#WriteToAppreciate has letters being sent from all over the world. The initiative began as a "grassroots initiative from the kitchen table" in Upstate, NY.

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