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Pneumo Scan

Let's help reduce the time taken for radiologists to diagnose Covid-19.

Created 7 months ago
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About the Project


A full-scaled AI tool for radiology clinics and hospitals that can automate the process of security log-in, PPE safety check for medical staff and assist radiologists to determine the signs of COVID-19 on chest X-ray images with high accuracy which indicates pneumonia.

How far along is it

MVP has been built. And we are assessing needs to get it into a production-ready state.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

- We need to onboard 2 cloud engineers, 2 machine learning engineers and 1 frontend developer.

- Improve the model, deploy on a different platform.

- Make the website more interactive.

- Create a strategy for outreach and partnerships with other companies.

- Create a product roadmap

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Who is already working on this

Vi Ly, Sagar Bansal, Moksh Nirvaan, Mohit Gadkari, Greg Fox, Bibiana Souza and Bernard Baker.

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