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Helping Hands is a nonprofit dedicated to serving those most vulnerable to COVID19.

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Helping Hands Community is a non-profit organization created to slow the spread of COVID-19 through tech-enabled, community volunteerism. We connect people who must shelter in place with those who can safely deliver critical items (like food, medicine, or household goods) and provide various forms of assistance (like dog-walking, mail pick-ups, or conversations). By facilitating these connections, we aim to protect neighbors from contracting severe illnesses, and each other from an overwhelmed healthcare system.

Check out our volunteer opportunities here: Currently, we are only operating in the United States and are seeking individuals that are based within the United States for our volunteer opportunities.

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To date, the Helping Hands Community has had over 2000 volunteers sign up throughout the country and successfully completed more than 1500 requests on behalf of at-risk individuals. Dropping off groceries or picking up mail at the post office can mean the difference between staying safe and compromising one’s health for a neighbor in your community. This is still the beginning of Helping Hands’ journey, yet we already see powerful ways in which our platform can benefit larger populations of people for years to come.

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Check out our volunteer opportunities here:

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Founded by former employees of Uber, Facebook, and Google, Helping Hands Community is built and operated by a team of over 100 volunteers around the world with backgrounds in engineering, design, operations, marketing, and policy. We have experience building solutions for scale and we’re using that knowledge to help communities shelter in place while still getting what they need to remain comfortable.

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