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An AI-enhanced community supporting students and educators during COVID-19.

Created about 1 year ago
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About the Project


Tidbits is a website AI-enhanced community to support students and educators. Students learn with notes, mind maps, flashcards, questions shared with each other. By managing time through small portions of questions and notes, known as bites, students handle learning with set goals and steps, together with friends, which appeal for best long-term memory. Behind the scenes, the AI algorithm supports collating all notes to be comprehensive for one topic, and generating more unlimited questions after understanding the content.

Teachers share their content to other teachers across the world, no matter practice questions, notes, etc. This creates a lack of redundancy for teaching materials all across the world. Teachers can adapt this to their own needs.

We need your help to support home-based learning during this period. This is something which not a lot of attention has been put on, but we do hope you can expand that in a fun way.

Tags: AI, ML, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Education, Students, Teachers, Share, Community, Generate.

How far along is it

We have established our workflow, visualization plans for main few pages, and hopefully expanding our workflow with more tasks done. We have settled with an expansion plan for our steps along the way.

Project target location
India and Singapore.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

HTML-CSS Front-end.
JS-ML-AI Back-end. Not confirmed with language (as I am not an expert), but we have ongoing discussions which you might give another perspective with.

Designing of websites.
Spreading of this project (community outreach).

Project details

Who is already working on this

Currently, our team is new. Heading the team is me, Arthur :) A student in Singapore, wanting to make change and support education during this period. A design and coding enthusiast.

We just set up in the beginning of July, so we are seeking for like-minded machine learning/AI enthusiasts to help us with the machine learning. We need web developers too. Do come join us.

We currently have a core team, and we are surely expanding.

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