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Zeemz: Pandemic Patch

Augmented reality, blockchain game designed to reduce hospital congestion

Created about 1 year ago
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About the Project


The global crisis proves the need for disaster readiness programs that teach critical thinking and stress reduction through informed behaviors. Social distancing, face masks, increased hygiene awareness, and self-isolation are all behavioral changes that have been instituted since the pandemic began. These behaviors come about through scientific guidelines suggested by the World Health Organization and are confirmed by scientists globally. Data is the greatest tool that we have in the fight against coronavirus. As new data is obtained and understood, we create new solutions that reflect the current best practices.

How do we get that information to/from the public?

Zeemz: Pandemic Patch is a gamified way for doctors and patients to interact without the need for unnecessary hospital visits.

How far along is it

Since our first hackathon (CGH1.0), we've refined our original idea, created architecture diagrams, pitch decks, developed partnerships with 7 other projects, met and spoke with multiple mentors in various fields, and laid the foundation for creating Zeemz: Pandemic Patch.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

We need help with: AI (ML/NLP/RL), blockchain (solidity/cadence), business models (lean/agile/other), UX/UI (html/css/js (react)), and more.

Not technical? No problem. We can also use your help if you're an artist, author, business person, copywriter, doctor, medical worker, lawyer, teacher, thinker, tinkerer, or otherwise interested in using gamification, augmented reality, and cyptocurrency to combat coronavirus.

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The Zeemz Team is a group of international volunteers who want to build an augmented reality, blockchain game that doubles as a diagnostic tool to reduce the strain on hospitals worldwide.

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