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Innovative Engineers Creating New MedTech Need Support

Award winning team of engineers need admin support to bring their tech to those who need it most!

Created about 1 year ago
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About the Project


This is a prize-winning team who has innovated on mass manufacturable autoclavable face shields, incredibly inexpensive ventilators, and UV sanitation stations making it possible to save lives cheaply and efficiently.

The team is in high-demand for competitions and working with various groups, so while they're busy working, they need help with administrative tasks such as marketing, writing proposals and emails, social media communications, and scouting new partners to connect and share their tech with.

They've received awards from Veteran's Affairs, and are being contacted by various groups in government and civil society - however it can take a lot of time to carefully and thoroughly communicate and keep up with requests for information, while also expanding their reach.

The team was hesitant about reaching out for volunteers, however, they cannot currently cover the costs of hiring. So, they've been pressured by friends to make this post and look for other do-gooders who might be willing to lend the team a hand.

If you have experience doing administrative tasks, social media communications, personal assistance, proposal (grant) writing, and if you have any engineering or maker background, this team really needs your help!

Thank you for your support and for reading!

- Written by a fan and friend of the team

How far along is it

This team has: made Medical Shields 250 times faster than 3D printing & 20 times faster than lasers

Open-sourced ventilators with greater sensitivity to flexible lung pressure exchange

Won the iEX Award at the 2nd VHA IE Challenge America COVID-19 Maker Challenge event with their tested UV Sanitation Station

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

- Writing proposals
- Filling out applications, forms, etc., from interested partners and orgs
- Social media outreach (creating posts, posting pictures, telling their story)
- Keeping up with communications (via email) and potentially keeping a calendar
- Scouting for new maker events, challenges, hackathons, and competitions to spread the word about their tech

Project details

Who is already working on this

Kevin Patel leads the team ( and is an award-winning public artist, volunteer, maker, and engineer.

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