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UN-backed initiative led by TFS & Stanford to use collective & augmented intelligence to help policy makers navigate the pandemic

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CAIAC (Collective & Augmented Intelligence Against COVID-19) is building a decision support system and knowledge base for policy makers to help them navigate the health, economic and social impact of COVID-19.

We exist to fill the gap between the fantastic bottom up initiatives globally and the insight derived from these actually making an impact. Much of our current response has been tactical and our approach is designed to help provide a strategic asset to help all of us navigate the coming years of this crisis, a "google maps" for making informed decisions with the best available data.

We have strong multilateral support and aim to have all major institutions and governments on board the platform by year end, with initial backing from the UN.

The platform has been designed to facilitate cooperation without coercion and sidestep many political factors, as well as not replacing or crowding out bottom-up initiatives but rather enhancing them and their ability to effect change, as well as enabling best practice to spread globally.

How far along is it

We have launched our MVP and are working towards our prototype launch at UNGA in September.

We have significant technical and political support and are looking to increase the platform stability to allow it to scale properly before public release.

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We are aiming to build a global network of volunteers to help bring our platform to as many countries as possible as country ambassadors, with high level support from our multilateral partners in this. It is likely that these will become full time roles.

We have designed the collective intelligence component of this to enable anyone to contribute in data structuring, but also are looking for domain experts and local knowledge experts to augment this.

As a core team that is growing we are focused on the political and technology aspects and so are looking for help on the more day to day elements of volunteer management, growth etc with specific near term needs on help on social media and content strategy. #

There is also scope to help on the technology and partnership side, but we are making full time hires in these areas and are supported by our partner organisations. As the initial knowledge base is opened up anyone will be able to contribute as we are building this on open access principles as espoused by our partners at UNESCO.

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CAIAC is led by Stanford HAI and The Future Society with support from UNESCO, the World Bank and other agencies.

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