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Thingy: Making mindfulness tangible

Inspiring unique moments of interaction in our lived environment

Created about 1 year ago
5 Volunteers

About the Project


Thingy is about inspiring unique moments of interaction with everyday things

Our mission is to capture, organize, and share narratives around everyday objects. We envision a world where humans create meaningful connections with the things around them

How far along is it

We currently have an MVP (
We are working on a web app
Currently working to grow engagement / content list

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

We are looking for
- Writers
- Copywriter
- Grant Writers
- Content Creators (Writing, Video, Experiences)
- Cultural influencers
- Designer (Visual,UI,UX)
- Engineers (Web app, IOS)
- Anyone interested in rituals

Project details

Who is already working on this

Bamidele Elegbede (Designer)
Joyful Clementine (Author)
Purin Phanichphant (Visualizer)
Sonia Uppal (Engineer)

How to get in touch
Number of volunteers needed
Organization status
Public benefit cooperative