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An 100+ Universities Startup Building Program for Students

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About the Project


Univation is the way to inspire and empower students to startups and create things that will change the world.

Today, we are building the Univation program, to help to develop student startups at 100+ Universities in 2020 and to empower 1000+ teams to get "From Student to Entrepreneur". Univation is a non-profit, run by Students. We are 40 Full and Part-time volunteers but fully dedicated to what we do, because it is our chance to make a change, to the world.

How far along is it

Univation started its way as a single event in 2017, transformed into a startup building program at a single University and now we are expanding to the world.

Help Needed

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-Web Developmetn
-UI/UX Design

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We are a family-team of 40+ Univation members all over the world!

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