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COVID-19 lingers in aerosols for hours. Our devices clean the air 10x faster than a HEPA purifier with optically-enclosed UVC.

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About the Project


COVID-19 lingers in aerosols for hours. We're building high power UV air sanitization systems that move air 10x faster than typical air purifiers.

The Airsafe is the first real-time air safety solution for the COVID-19 era. We help businesses re-open sooner and help their customers feel safer.

Proudly established in 2020, with the only air safety machines built for 2020.

How far along is it

We have the world's most advanced drop-in solution to reduce indoor aerosol transmission of SARS-CoV-2 and are in the process of starting manufacturing.

Web launch and outreach mid-September.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

PR/outreach/SEO via growth hacks / web scraping -- aggregating tactical lists of emails on the order of 1000 people to support backlinks, high quality content generation, and highly focused ads.

Account management: sales focused on large chains e.g. gyms, grocery stores, restaurants, dental offices, etc. Sales focused on airports, transportation hubs, and other high priority areas such as meat-packing facilities.

Government Outreach: sales to cities -- the products to safely re-open do no good for businesses if the laws don't change. Work with cities to enable policies to enable safe re-opening. Schools and universities are in a similar category. State and federal outreach also of interest.

Product Engineering: acoustics, fluids, optics, mechanical, manufacturability etc. -- we have a couple good products now, but we always want to be making them better. Let's make these devices even quieter.

Content: writing more review articles and aggregating scientific research on our website -- requires STEM background.

Scaling Manufacturing / Funding: though we can scale in China, there's a risk that at a certain scale the CCP will catch wind of it and seize the facilities. We are interested in debt-funding that allow us to rapidly setup a US-based manufacturing facility to operate in parallel.

Something else we should be doing? Let us know!

Project details

Who is already working on this

The team behind Reflow Labs has a wide range of experience ranging from high power photonic devices for medical application to consumer product design, manufacturing, and e-commerce. However, the primary background of our team comes from the aerospace and defense industry.

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