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John Potter

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About the Project


Description: findCovidJobs aims to address the immediate and unexpected employment needs of those who lost their job to the Covid-19 crisis by matching prospective job searchers with employers eager to hire as quickly as possible in both remote and essential onsite jobs.

Who is already working on this?: Our diverse team of engineers and designers bring a wealth of knowledge on the needs of the current hiring market, the latest technology with remote hiring platforms, and design for website and mobile apps.

Tasks that need to get done: We are looking to add others to our team who have a variety of skills but, most importantly, are passionate about alleviating the financial and economic burden of the Covid-19 crisis. We need experts in engineering, product management, design, data analytics, and funding.

Location: Work on this project can be completed remotely.

How to get involved: You can connect with John Potter to learn more about how to help with the project.
Slack: - see you in there, we're here every day

How far along is it

We have exited the program and have our own Slack group, website, MVP, company emails, and sponsor deals for free/discounted SaaS products from Slack, FrontApp, and Webflow.

We also have a growing and already large group of volunteers and advisors working on design, engineering, project management, and more.

Recently acquired a grant to help us grow faster.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

Product, engineering, design, marketing, data engineers, and content writing/copy editing.

Project details

Who is already working on this

I and a handful of engineers working on mobile apps and building out the web app.

The team, recently "graduated" into a spun out website and MVP. People are helping from there plus a few of my personal friends.

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