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COVID-19 projects looking for volunteers

New or established projects helping with the COVID-19 crisis that need help. Volunteer yourself or create a new one. Sign up to volunteer.

  • #Covid19 has already resulted in several job losses. We are seeking to host set of 3 career fairs and seeking volunteer support to mobilize recruiters and job seekers who are most effected by #covid19 outbreak. From store workers, to small business workers, we will provide a job fair platform and also provide support system. These global job fairs would bring a virtual job fair to skills categories most impacted by Covid19. The job fair is planned on 1st Friday of May, June, and July.

    We are seeking a team of volunteers to reach-out to recruiters and employment office communities and spread the word, build technology and provide ecosystem to help people find jobs.

    We will all be working towards creating world's largest career drive to support and help workers most impacted by #covid19 outbreak.

    We've launched #stage1 beta site to get the signups rolling. Check:
    Launched 1st and largest career event to support covid impacted workers: Check:

    With 10m unemployment claims just in US, we need a healthy and sustained ecosystem to provide help to most vulnerable in these new times.

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    Resistbot is a multipurpose and multifunction chatbot. Right now it's the easiest way to lobby both federal and state officials who are currently crafting a legislative response to the pandemic. Our end goal is to give everyone a voice and able to fight for what they want to see, no matter what it is, from social distancing measures at the state level, to federal UBI stimulus, to no corporate bailouts, to more health care supplies, and more. We've also just built covid-19 specific functionality to inform users of a variety of important information for their home state.

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    Please see our Github page!

    We’ve entered into these strange times where self quarantining alone and making sure you don’t leave the house without your mask and gloves has become the norm.

    Unfortunately what’s also starting to turn normal is the fear and anxiety that many people experience dealing with these situations that we’re now facing every single day.

    I have this friend who I play online games with. His name’s Siad. He is who I actually got this idea from originally. He has lupus which is a disease that affects the immune system.

    He’s the type that’s a total loner and he loves it that way.. however... this lifestyle presented several problems for him.

    His condition makes him extremely susceptible to COVID-19 and the effects from it would be extremely severe for him. This makes going out and doing simple things like getting groceries much more dangerous for him than a person with a normal immune system. On top of that, since he doesn’t really have anyone else to rely on, he has no other choice but to take the risk. Imagine that… Risking your life so you can get groceries.

    That’s a situation that I don’t think anyone should ever have to be put in. That is the problem that I’m solving with

    CheckUpOn.Me provides a text-distribution and outreach tool for creating connections between volunteers and people who would like to be checked in on. During the COVID-19 pandemic our goal is to help where it's needed most by connecting people in need with volunteers who will be ready to take action..

    Our solution is built on top of the Open Source React and NodeJS project called Spoke, which is maintained by MoveOn.Org. Spoke is an application that facilitates texting between end users and volunteers and is most famously known for being used by the Bernie Sanders Campaign and Elizabeth Warren Campaigns for voter outreach.

    While our current goal is to support the fight against COVID-19, our end goal is to help enable virtual civic collaboration for creating the cure for significant systemic risks to which adequate public and private solutions don't exist by rapidly creating and spreading a global, community driven, open source solution.

    No location requirements.
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    COVID19 changed the way we live, work, interact with each other, and even the way we get hospitalized when we need medical care. For many of us, Corona Crisis has or will have in the future an enormous impact on our personal, professional, financial, and medical situation.

    For this reason, we decided to start a community of people with diverse backgrounds, business, financial, medical, psychology, legal, design user experience, human experience, customer experience, service design, research, IT, software, hardware, public sector, and anything else you can think of, willing to spend 1%-5% of their time working together or advising the people working on challenges.

    We launched our beta invitation yesterday, and at the time being, our Design Against Corona community has 52 people from all around the world and seven challenges to work on.

    To propose impactful and feasible solutions, we need more people and more challenges.

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    Delovery is a delivery service to address the COVID-19 Pandemic. With many that are susceptible to not only contracting, but potentially dying from the virus, it is more important than ever to reduce risk.

    Our delivery service is designed to have Coronavirus tested drivers to ensure that exposure and contamination are minimized for the greater population.

    Right now Delovery is getting support from prominent community figures, medical professionals and governments in the United States and Canada.

    With a rally cry of:

    “Reduce interactions. Reduce risk. Reduce consequences.”

    It’s not hard to understand what value Delovery is bringing to communities everywhere.

    Remote is going to be acceptable.
  • Money during Corona is an initiative to support people who have recently been laid off or had their employment/finances adversely affected by coronavirus.

    Learn more here:

    In just 2 days we have had: 200+ signups and and >1000 messages sent to users.

    Users can sign up with their phone number, and we send curated text messages alerting them of job opportunities (e.g. Walmart is hiring 150k workers, Outschool is hiring 5000 remote teachers). We also plan to send out messages on how to file for unemployment, online gigs, and other financial tips. Our goal is to tackle the "access to information" problem which makes it difficult for people to take advantage of opportunities that exist out there.

    It's a simple concept, but we believe supporting people's employment and finances is one of the most impactful things that can be done right now. (Also massive shoutout to the frontline healthcare workers serving patients and saving lives).

  • ***Front-end/Javascript developers wanted - please email***

    *UK project to help independent stores save jobs by selling to customers*

    The central economic challenge from COVID-19 is to avoid households' and businesses' temporary cash crunch turning into unemployment and bankruptcies. In the UK, most people work for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), who have limited online profile.

    Governments have announced financial help for SMBs. Others have built projects to facilitate purchase of gift vouchers to help businesses' cash crunch.

    HelpYourHighStreet links UK customers to a listing page of validated independent stores selling online -- art centres, bookstores, florists, cafès, hairdressers, restaurants, theatres and more. We are also starting to validate shops' commitments to keeping their workers on and continuing to pay wages. All of this is for free: we are a voluntary group from across the UK.

    The end goal is to facilitate sufficient sales for such shops that they don't have to shut down and sack their workers. Many have sadly shut already. We are racing to help others avoid that outcome.

  • We are in the process of accumulating large amounts of data and resources to support larger demographies in the past few weeks and months. But how long these folks in rural and mountain communities need to wait for us?

    The challenge goal: Data-driven project coordination and policymaking
    In this six-month PWG, Omdena AI challenge with Fruitpunch AI, we aim to help rural and mountain community governments and policymakers to make data-driven decisions in order to deal with pandemics and cover some of the following topics.

    When travel is restricted, schools closed, events cancelled, and communities put into quarantine, individuals and businesses in those ecosystems lose their source of income. How does that loss of income impact the health and financial stability of those individuals? What resources are in place currently that supports their needs and growing demands in areas of health, and food security.

    What we will build
    Leveraging the power of global collaboration, the goal is to build AI models that reveal the effects of specific programs and policy decisions being made by governments and institutions on the economically marginalized, especially working in the informal sector.

    In this way, institutions can identify the most effective ways to deal with future pandemics to minimize economic impact and human deaths not only in the short term but also in the midterm.

    Why you should join the challenge
    For the next six months, you will not only build AI solutions to make a real-world impact but also go through an entire data science project lifecycle. This covers problem scoping, data collection and preparation, as well as modelling for potential deployment.

    And the best part is that you will be part of a global collaboration.

    Background Context:
    Mountain region and smaller communities in rural and small urban areas are more vulnerable now more than ever. This project will be conducted to understand and draw attention to alarming facts of the rural, small urban, and mountain communities during this epidemic pandemic #covid9 outbreak: as many of us are aware in 2012, 39 per cent of the mountain population in developing countries was considered vulnerable to food insecurity, which is an increase of 30% compared to the conditions of mountain peoples in the year 2000 studies.

    The situation is even worse if we consider only rural mountain peoples.
    The living conditions of mountain peoples have deteriorated and their vulnerability to hunger has increased. Harsh climates and the difficult, often inaccessible terrain, combined with political and social marginality certainly contribute to making mountain peoples particularly vulnerable to food shortages.

    In mountain areas, where family farming and smallholder agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry are the prevailing farming systems, it is essential to create a supportive, enabling environment in which mountain peoples have access to training, information, credit and healthcare, and benefit from reliable governance systems and infrastructure.

    Some Established Stats:
    Mountains cover 22 per cent of the world’s land surface and are home to some 915 million people, representing 13 per cent of the global population. Mountains also provide between 60 and 80 per cent of the earth’s freshwater. Yet, in spite of this global relevance, there is a dearth of data and information on the status of mountains and mountain peoples.

    Can we understand what is it to live in the mountain regions and smaller communities during these testing times? Can we understand more about these folks who are waiting for someone to appear and help them with tools and resources to keep themselves and their communities safe?

    In 2003, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) published “Towards a GIS-based analysis of mountain environments and populations”, a study that estimated mountain peoples’ vulnerability to food insecurity. What about Health, and Safety?

    The studies in the past were undertaken as a follow-up to the 2002 UN International Year of Mountains, has become a cornerstone of development efforts. It is used and quoted, for as a reference, requesting more investments, specific policies and global attention toward mountains.

    But how much do we know about these communities in these times? What can we do about it? How best can we equip them with resources and tools to protect themselves and their loved ones? We understand and see all countries have locked themselves in, what about these unfortunate folks who relied on larger players and the larger coalition of countries to help them? Can we spare some time and resources to work on these matters?

    We all love going to these mountains, smaller communities for several reasons and now they need us.

    I am the Founder of Project Work Groups - focussed to research and develop sustainable solutions in the mountain and rural regions globally. is our webpage.
    My Twitter Handle: @tekiuday

  • This is a system to help decentralized volunteer groups self-organize complex collabs. It was originally designed to support a 2020 election effort, but is more broadly useful, and can contribute to COVID19 efforts. It's kind of a more robust version of *this site*, for not only matching but then also a framework/tools for collaboration after that.

    It has similarities to existing project management software options, but designed for a decentralized team with no professional fulltime management. Allows loosely connected volunteers to work together without knowing each other well. And better automatically facilitates info sharing across cross-functional teams and units.

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    We're matching people with jobs at organizations that are tackling COVID-19 and preventing future disease outbreaks.

    Our goal is to make it frictionless for talented people to tackle the most pressing issues of today, with COVID-19 being at the top of the list.

    Check out our progress at

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    Description: findCovidJobs aims to address the immediate and unexpected employment needs of those who lost their job to the Covid-19 crisis by matching prospective job searchers with employers eager to hire as quickly as possible in both remote and essential onsite jobs.

    Who is already working on this?: Our diverse team of engineers and designers bring a wealth of knowledge on the needs of the current hiring market, the latest technology with remote hiring platforms, and design for website and mobile apps.

    Tasks that need to get done: We are looking to add others to our team who have a variety of skills but, most importantly, are passionate about alleviating the financial and economic burden of the Covid-19 crisis. We need experts in engineering, product management, design, data analytics, and funding.

    Location: Work on this project can be completed remotely.

    How to get involved: You can connect with John Potter to learn more about how to help with the project.
    Slack: - see you in there, we're here every day

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    For physicians to work at new places, they need to undergo a vetting system called credentialing, which usually takes months. Under current COVID-19 circumstances, many institutions are using Emergency Credentialing workflows to get doctors onboarded to their systems as quickly as possible. We have created a secure wallet for physicians to store their credentialing information, allowing streamlined sharing of this vital information to hospitals. (Saving hours for physicians and admin folks). This project will help get medical providers' boots on the ground ASAP at the hospitals that need them.

  • We're building a website at focused on helping people and businesses impacted by coronavirus.

    -Food banks (individual sites or directories)
    -Financial aid
    -Elderly grocery shopping hours and delivery
    -Healthcare (shelter in place info, testing like Verily Baseline, etc)

    This info is currently scattered across the Internet and we're aggregating it in one place.

    It's hosted on Github using markdown so anyone with spare time can be helpful (

    We can use your help, join us at!

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    BlockCOVID is an online initiative bringing together developers with the goal of quickly building solutions that address new problems that have arisen due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Primarily using decentralized technologies such as blockchain, the initiative will provide tools, resources and mentorship to developers.

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    Hi, there are a lot of COVID-19 related projects that are developing in the whole world. But a lot of them are the same, and people spending time, don't know about a similar project in another country.
    Now we are having a hackathon in Belarus, and people try to do similar projects that I see here.

    We want to create one place where it will be information about projects on which people are working, their progress, problems, how to contact and join maybe.
    It may dramatically improve speed of projects development and finally finished products for everyone of us.

    Join our Slack –

  • Community Shared Solutions based on available capabilities and resources.

    We promote what is working, and enable community leaders to match global solutions practices with available resources, for desired outcomes.

    Over 120 million are anticipating the unfolding events and awaiting other's responses and actions.

    Businesses, communities, and organizations, find themselves not knowing where to find crucial knowledge or resources, leaving them lacking the vital capabilities needed to respond in an effective and timely manner.

    Struck by demands to act swiftly, many are left alone trying as best they can to respond. For the majority, this means carrying out practical here and now solutions, regardless of the long term effects.
    Unfortunately, this results in the misuse of valuable time, resources and initiatives.

    We are establishing an ecosystem around an abundance mindset that allows experts to extend their knowledge and best practices.
    The goal being that businesses, organizations, and communities get their needs met while helping others along the way.
    Together we grow and support each other.

    We are here to resolve that by supporting and sharing global successful practices making it ready for quick and effective implementation locally for communities, businesses and social benefit for everyone.

    We enable the best of all global initiatives/solutions, to be implemented at a local scale by community drivers utilizing community resources as well as local and global expertise.
    Together we can reach outcomes that enrich each other, saving Resources, time and lives altogether.

    Main objectives

    Best use of Resources + Actionable Localized Solutions =
    Aligned Outcomes with abundant use of resources and efforts.

    Solutions: Taking what is working and building on it,
    We achieve that through Systems and community drivers
    sharing, mapping, and sourcing successful experiences,
    Assisted with technology, visual mapping for value realization.

    Resources: improve the use of what is available.
    Saving development efforts, resources, mitigating risks
    while acting fast and getting things done.

    We do that by:
    - Modeling and mapping promoted Global succeeding solutions/activities,
    saving development efforts, resources, mitigating risks while acting fast and getting things done.

    - Scaling operations and adjusting initiatives for
    local communities to be ready for implementation in a timely manner.

    Anyone is capable of sharing his resources, knowing how to utilize that at once it is the key to getting things done.

    The project is instrumental in enriching communities, partners, and shareholders all included.
    When you are willing to share the success We multiply that again and again for you and for others.

    Thanks in advance for checking this out! If this is interesting to you, or would you want to learn more about what we are co-creating or you know how you can put your sources in use, and benefit.
    We’d love to work together!

    And don't worry if you have ideas that sound challenging to everyone except you... we’ll get along great!

    Stay safe everyone.

    Remote and International
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    Recognizing the need for collaborative cross-functional solutions to the Covid-19 situation, a group of Entrepreneurship & Management Professors from Indiana University have adapted the “idea sprint” process -- used by today’s most innovative firms -- to help surface and accelerate ideas focused on helping our community navigate this virus.

    The first idea sprint weekend took place on March 20-22. Over 200 entrepreneurs, technologists, engineers, MDs, VCs, professors, students) from around the world came together to surface ideas and get them to the basic prototype stage by the end of the weekend. "By design, the event was fast and furious – it all took place over just a weekend -- Ideas were related to tech applications, social distancing products/service, remote working, community interventions, health outreach, repurposing of facilities/resources, etc -see link).

    The goals of the program include expanding awareness of the many pain points associated with the virus outbreak and response, championing collective efforts to develop solutions, and if viable orchestrating a collective response through social entrepreneurship and volunteerism.

    We are currently considering future "idea sprints" and we are encouraging other institutions to take our model and launch similar programs with their network of technologists, alumni, students, professors, and other supporters.

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    More and more people are suffering from layoffs due to the Coronavirus outbreak. I'd like to design an interview process tracking system where interviewees can check their applications so that interviewees can be fully prepared for their upcoming interviews such as syncing with their calendar, follow up with email, import interviewers' profile, etc.

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    Swiping your skills during your (forcibly) free time during Quarantine

    Because of the pandemia, several people are going to stop working losing clients or being joblessness. Some of them, is going to struggle with money and emotional troubles. In the other hand, their skills and knowledge are going to be wasted.

    This project is going to connect people who can offer Remote Services to People needs something and, also, can offer another Remote Service.

    How this is going to work: the MVP is going to be an App. Inspiring on the ideia of the app Tinder, the interface is going to, show cards with what the user can offer and what the person needs in exchange.


    - Mary is webdesigner. She saw another user, Lee, saying that he needs update on his website in Wordpress
    - Lee can offer Career Coach sessions or Chinese lessons
    - They find a deal and start to exchange the services, to help them during our criticam moment.

    This MVP is going to be, exclusively made to connect people using their Skills and Necessities.

    We believe that this project is going to help the economy and the emotional healthy of the users, since they are going to keep in activity and being helpful and, also, growing portfolios, network, experience, etc. Also, the tool can be a good start to create relationships that can become, in the next step, a profitable deal.

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    The aftermath of Covid19 will drop the unemployment rate to nearly 30% and GDP to 50%. It will take nearly 1 year before businesses will be able to resume normal operations. In light of these facts we have decided to create a platform that will connect diverse tech, design, product, and strategy talent to innovation projects for major corporations. Innovation will lead to stronger products and better understanding of the digital revolution for out of touch companies.

    Currently looking for strong UI designer, UX researcher, Software developer (front and back end)

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    #HackfromHome is a virtual hackathon is organised by the Ethical Tech Alliance, HAT-LAB,, Case Western Reserve University’s xLab, and the Cleveland Clinic’s Hwang Lab.

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    A resource for unemployed folks to file unemployment, get support and understand unemployment data trends like the john hopkins corona tracker.
    We want to build this as an api so other orgs can add data to it.

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    We are a "Crowdchat" solution.

    Companies can access a 24x7 Human team that attends digital visitors through Chat. allows "Chatters" to work from home, at any place in the world, generating a source of income for professionals working from home.

    Helping with:
    Looking for:
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    Build the WORLDS largest Open Source global community project that is targeted at FIGHTING against COVID-19 TOGETHER!

    The only guideline for Open Covid19 Project is to build tools and applications that enable others to fight against the Coronavirus.

    ==We Are At War==
    As you are aware the world is experience a generational event going though a global pandemic that will have numerous impacts on society as we know it. It is for this reason we would like to come together to help FIGHT COVID-19 by any means necessary.

    ==To ALL Communities==
    We believe in the ingenuity, intelligence, and brilliance of those in the community. That is why we are seeking that this community comes together to help build solutions that will help address the challenges we face not only today, but in the future.

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    Make it quicker and easier to apply for SBA Disaster Loans

    Large companies have fancy lawyers and tax people to get them stimulus. We want to find a way to get others similar levels of help so they can get the money as quickly and easily as the large banks and corporations.

    Unprecedented government debt and stimulus spending is ahead. Direct relief to humans and small businesses will minimize suffering and economic loss. Hundreds of billions in loans & grants need to be made by the government in the days ahead

    How will it get to the right firms fast enough -- without fraud and loss of accountability? How can the existing infrastructure be scaled in days Vs months/years?

    Solution needed:
    Technology enabled form population and diligence, to process loans faster and scale oversight will be needed to help agencies like the SBA process, manage and administer the loans

    The opportunity: This must be done efficiently and quickly to maximize the funds going to the right firms on time, without fraud. I think we must help.

    "The SBA’s capacity presents a major potential implementation challenge. Across its lending platforms, SBA approved $28.2 billion in loans in FY 2019 – 8 percent of what it is being asked to distribute in short order. In order to overcome these challenges, the process will have to be streamlined to an extraordinary degree. In addition, the agency’s budget request for 2020 was $820 million, of which less than half would support direct lending assistance. $349 billion effectively equals roughly one thousand times the usual annual guaranty amount, delivered in only two months.

    The CARES Act requires certain documentation from businesses in order to apply. These documents include payroll records, mortgage or rent information, and “any other information the [SBA] Administrator deems necessary.” In order to facilitate the large quantity of expected loans, the SBA will likely need to establish very concise criteria.

    Once the lender has the required information, it needs to submit the loan to the SBA. The current online platform’s bandwidth will likely be taxed by the sheer volume of loans made. The loan submission process is also time consuming, considering the expected volume. Finally, the SBA will have to figure out how to get the money appropriated by Congress out the door to pay lenders for the forgiven portion of loans in as seamless a fashion as possible to keep up with anticipated demand."

    Read more: