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COVID-19 projects looking for volunteers

New or established projects helping with the COVID-19 crisis that need help. Volunteer yourself or create a new one. Sign up to volunteer.

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    Resistbot is a multipurpose and multifunction chatbot. Right now it's the easiest way to lobby both federal and state officials who are currently crafting a legislative response to the pandemic. Our end goal is to give everyone a voice and able to fight for what they want to see, no matter what it is, from social distancing measures at the state level, to federal UBI stimulus, to no corporate bailouts, to more health care supplies, and more. We've also just built covid-19 specific functionality to inform users of a variety of important information for their home state.

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    There are so many inspiring teams working to combat COVID-19 and so many incredible projects here on HWC.

    We want to help as may of these projects and teams as possible to thrive: to help your projects save lives, alleviate suffering and to combat this pandemic as swiftly as we all can together.

    We're committed to helping other teams and projects excel with the help of public donations. We want to help you as project leaders and volunteers gather the funds you need for your life-saving projects and we want to give those who long to help out a place to find and donate to all kinds of teams who are working to fight COVID-19.

    Our actions:

    1. Help projects and teams working on COVID-19 solutions to setup donations on trusted third-party platforms, if they need one and have not created this already.

    2. List as many projects’ donation pages as we can.

    3. Create public awareness to accrue funds for your vital work and enable those who want to support your projects to do so.

    Remote / Europe / US
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    We are a group called Lefty Lenses who have been applying selfie lenses (like the Snapchat puppy filter) to politics for the 2020 election. Our lenses have reached 125M people in 10 weeks, and we've spent $0.

    Now we turn our expertise in this incredibly viral (no pun intended) medium towards spreading public health into on coronavirus. But done in a way that doesn't feel preachy. This is our speciality, and we'd like to help.

  • As the state of emergency has been declared everywhere to rapidly slow the spread of COVID-19, we need to find creative ways to help small businesses (restaurants, groceries, pharmacies, etc.) that are still open.

    Doko is a tool to easily map all the businesses that are still operating.
    We aim to help local and small businesses to share their information and keep customers up-to-date about any changes as they navigate this crisis

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    As organizations of every size are, or will soon be, inundated with unprecedented leave requests, we have the solution to organize, execute, track and remain human. We take care of compliance requirements, legal considerations, tax implications and work flow disruptions. We need more tech and team build out to increase the population we can serve immediately.

  • We are going to spread positive, hopeful, yet realistic messages through the use of a chat-bot, social media, and a website!
    All messages will be centered around the following claim: COVID-19 and it's global impact has incited mass hysteria which is a great opportunity for promoting cautious and safe behavior; however, doing so also encourages reckless and harmful actions. Such messages are spread by social media and people who believe they have scientific 'authority.' Rather than flagging such posts or defaming such people, both of which are unacceptable, we should spread current progress worldwide which has gone unrecognized. Personally, I feel many look to far into the dangerous environment of many medical workers, when also they should be looking at their amazing achievements and provide them more praise or be inspired to also take action rather than panic.

  • 2 volunteers - sign up to volunteer is for all those seeking comfort and solace.
    Express your thoughts, emotions, feelings on and get solutions, advice, suggestions, tips from people going through similar things.
    During these tough, trying and challenging times, we are bridging the gap between you, your problems and someone who wants to hear you out and lend a helping hand.
    If you feel overwhelmed, anxious, upset, angry, sad or depressed, then is the place for you!
    We also have a blog with regular articles, modules and resources by experts on mental health and coronavirus.
    Crisis helplines and a list of professional help is also available on the site.

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    Selftrace is an open-source effort to create a live map that anonymously shows all users who self-reportedly have COVID-19 or show some of its symptoms. We are building a tool that

    1. Will help people track the spread in real-time and self-distance accordingly
    2. Give us an idea on how fast the virus is spreading according to unofficial user data.

    We believe tracking self-reported/unofficial cases is important since many countries have limited testing capabilities, so official numbers will naturally fail to reflect the nature of reality. Volunteers from all backgrounds are welcome!

  • The Problem

    Making sense of the current COVID-19 environment requires piecing together hundreds of fragmented channels. This includes, but is not limited to, waiting for sluggish updates from the CDC, sifting through various Twitter feeds, or calling your friends for the latest on fear-mongering rumors. What if there could be a better way to be in the loop, without hunting through multiple channels?

    The What

    Coronavirus Wire is a curated news aggregator that provides real-time updates on the most important changes affecting your local community, so that you can stay informed and make rational decisions.

    It's designed to counteract misinformation and rumors around Coronavirus spread through social media by highlighting what's truly happening locally, nationally, and globally around you. Determine wait times at your local hospital, see grocery store item shortages, and take actions according to municipality rules. Quickly learn what's happening to your neighborhood, plan decisions on the available local resources, and take action knowing you are informed to the best of your abilities. Stay informed locally. Act rationally.

    A more detailed proposal can be found here:

    remote (although ideally closest to San Francisco timezone)
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    A daily bit of hope & good stories in the time of social distancing, delivered daily.

    People need to feel we are making progress to ward off despair. Scientific progress is sustained by hope for the future.

    MVP here:

  • Problem:
    The detection of COVID-19 symptoms requires doctor and hospital visits, or a visit to test sites outside from home. This results in possible transmission or infection of COVID-19, and an increase of doctor visits straining the medical resources available.

    Prognosis, diagnosis and screening for the patients infected with COVID-19 is suggested to be based on breathing characteristics (Wang et al. 2020. as well as other vital signs such as blood oxygen saturation/hemoglobin levels (
    The detection of vital signs can be achieved via facial cameras and machine learning for breathing patterns (Chen et al. 2019, hemoglobin levels (, HRV and others (

    The proposed project is an app that can be installed and used on any smartphone and laptop to detect early symptoms of COVID-19 remotely without leaving the home. As well as for monitoring (ongoing interest from healthcare and medical institutions already).
    It uses the detection of vital signs and breathing characteristics via technological devices accessible to everybody at home with cameras of smartphones/laptop and machine learning, and combines it with the detection of pearly symptoms.
    The app could also include therapeutical suggestions such as aerobic and mindfulness exercises to help people reduce stress and anxiety.
    And resources to reach for the nearest hospital, doctor and pharmacy.
    As well as resources for communal support and connection to nearest online groups, help for grocery delivery etc.


    A free hotline and website with information for families impacted by school closures covering meals, psychological health, education, emergency childcare, financial security, health and wellness. We've brought together a coalition of 40+ in education, mental health, food, venture to build a unified response to the crisis.

  • provides essential coronavirus information and updates affecting you, sourced from WHO and relevant (national + local) bodies, in an engaging and easy to read format. The site also sends notifications when guidance changes in your location, and soon it will aggregate and provide access to local initiatives in your area.

    Problem - coronavirus has created an information crisis.
    1. Information is fragmented and there is lots of misinformation circulating.
    2. Official sources (WHO, CDC, etc) are accurate but not enough people (particularly the less tech literate) are reading and acting upon the best practice advice. It is not presented in an engaging and easy-to-read format.
    3. Official sources are not aggregating many brilliant local initiatives.
    4. Most initiatives are suited to technology skilled and highly educated readers.

    Fact - what we do individually will have a direct impact on how many people suffer, so it is vital that as many people as possible understand and have access to the best information.

    Project status - the site launched in mid March and the site is already being supported by 15+ medical practices and NHS teams around the country. We are launching in Australia, USA and the Netherlands in the next couple of days, trying to help get information out to everyone who needs it.

    Please get in touch via

    Remote (anywhere works!)
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    PrivateKit will address the current conflict between citizen privacy and infection tracking by developing a privacy-protecting solution for contact-tracing COVID-19 spread. The project will deploy in three phases to address the needs of citizens, health officials, and stakeholder organizations. The first objective is a mobile application for citizens which privately logs user location data and provides risk information to them on any contact with publicly known points of risk. The second objective is a collection of tools for health authorities to read, redact, and annotate location data from carriers of the virus to then relay to those that, based on their privately-held data, may have contracted the infection. The third and final objective is a cryptographic method to automatically redact and disseminate contact path information that maintains the balance of privacy and effectiveness while reducing the burden on health authorities. (

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    Help combat COVID-19 in the US and worldwide as NY State becomes battlefront. The project creates a dynamic map and trends dashboard webpage of NY state COVID-19 cases by county. The ultimate goal of our project is to assist decision-makers in better allocation of efforts and resources through visualizing cases and providing key trends. Further stages of the project consider building machine learning models to extract underlying structures of the temporal and spatial trends to help with preventing and responding to future outbreaks.

    The final tool will:
    1. Help state and counties decision-makers visualize and track the spread in real-time and take actions accordingly.
    2. Serve as a visualization tool for the state website:
    3. Keep track of trends and make recommendations.

    Volunteers will help in:
    1. Developing a dynamic front-end that integrates different parts and fetch new data.

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    Please see our Github page!

    We’ve entered into these strange times where self quarantining alone and making sure you don’t leave the house without your mask and gloves has become the norm.

    Unfortunately what’s also starting to turn normal is the fear and anxiety that many people experience dealing with these situations that we’re now facing every single day.

    I have this friend who I play online games with. His name’s Siad. He is who I actually got this idea from originally. He has lupus which is a disease that affects the immune system.

    He’s the type that’s a total loner and he loves it that way.. however... this lifestyle presented several problems for him.

    His condition makes him extremely susceptible to COVID-19 and the effects from it would be extremely severe for him. This makes going out and doing simple things like getting groceries much more dangerous for him than a person with a normal immune system. On top of that, since he doesn’t really have anyone else to rely on, he has no other choice but to take the risk. Imagine that… Risking your life so you can get groceries.

    That’s a situation that I don’t think anyone should ever have to be put in. That is the problem that I’m solving with

    CheckUpOn.Me provides a text-distribution and outreach tool for creating connections between volunteers and people who would like to be checked in on. During the COVID-19 pandemic our goal is to help where it's needed most by connecting people in need with volunteers who will be ready to take action..

    Our solution is built on top of the Open Source React and NodeJS project called Spoke, which is maintained by MoveOn.Org. Spoke is an application that facilitates texting between end users and volunteers and is most famously known for being used by the Bernie Sanders Campaign and Elizabeth Warren Campaigns for voter outreach.

    While our current goal is to support the fight against COVID-19, our end goal is to help enable virtual civic collaboration for creating the cure for significant systemic risks to which adequate public and private solutions don't exist by rapidly creating and spreading a global, community driven, open source solution.

    No location requirements.
  • Our website hosts several different projects that we have been working on over the past few weeks: 1) Aggregated Resources for people starting their own mutual aid groups 2) Ahead of the Curve - a series of panel discussions (still in early stages) and 3) Global Dispatches - a journalistic project, in which people from around the world share how COVID-19 has impacted their lives. The site is gaining traction, but is quite basic (made only with Wix and Google Suite). We would like a web developer to work on the UI.

  • is a startup that partners with specific research communities to accelerate discovery with smaller, faster research reports. We're launching an outbreak science community to rapidly publish and update spread models of COVID-19 at the city level and predict when cities may reach a tipping point in hospitalizations vs capacity. This project will help fill a critical missing information gap in modeling data at the city level that can be used to make resource allocation decisions. Model predictions for each city will be published and peer reviewed at

  • During times of crisis, there is an outpour of heartfelt stories and asks for donation (rightly so). Although, it's difficult to find these stories and verify they are genuine. That's why we're building a platform that curates and verifies donation events for small businesses impacted by COVID-19. Owners and employees are being hit the hardest right now. Let's do our part to save the heart of the American economy.

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    Delovery is a delivery service to address the COVID-19 Pandemic. With many that are susceptible to not only contracting, but potentially dying from the virus, it is more important than ever to reduce risk.

    Our delivery service is designed to have Coronavirus tested drivers to ensure that exposure and contamination are minimized for the greater population.

    Right now Delovery is getting support from prominent community figures, medical professionals and governments in the United States and Canada.

    With a rally cry of:

    “Reduce interactions. Reduce risk. Reduce consequences.”

    It’s not hard to understand what value Delovery is bringing to communities everywhere.

    Remote is going to be acceptable.
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    The US Covid-19 Law Project will track state and federal laws and policies, and provide an interactive display for people to understand different approaches to the emergency pandemic response.

    Legal mapping is a tool legal epidemiologists use to produce robust data using a systematic process. Policy surveillance tracks laws over time and across multiple jurisdictions. Policy surveillance allows us to: create legal data for evaluation, allows stakeholders to track projects, supports the diffusion of innovation, and provides a dataset for historians.

    Our project will record and track changes of COVID-19 related policies over time through a crowd-sourced approach with graduate students, post-docs, and law students acting as policy researchers, legal coders, back-end programmers, and user interface programmers.

    We are proposing to accomplish mapping the legal response and disseminating the results with the following specific aims:

    Aim 1: To track state and federal policies related to states of emergency, social distancing (quarantine, isolation, closures), implementation of crisis standards of care, health care worker liability risks and protections, and public health surveillance activities.

    Aim 2: To create an interactive web-based map using a tool such as leaflet.js to display the collected policies

    Aim 3: To develop a back-end database where volunteers can easily manage the policies displayed on the front-end map.

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    Stealth.ify is a web-based app that uses geospatial technology and predictive analytics to create fencing and levels of contracting the virus based on someone’s location; connecting real-time foot traffic data of stores/supermarkets to prevent crowdedness in an effort to adhere to social distancing. Interactive map features and push notifications to alert user when they have reached a high risk area. Product updates in real time using predictive analytics to estimate the rate of spread.

    We are currently building a mock up and demo. Looking for strong product design volunteers to join and add their expertise to this amazing project that will have features that exceed beyond covid19.

  • Money during Corona is an initiative to support people who have recently been laid off or had their employment/finances adversely affected by coronavirus.

    Learn more here:

    In just 2 days we have had: 200+ signups and and >1000 messages sent to users.

    Users can sign up with their phone number, and we send curated text messages alerting them of job opportunities (e.g. Walmart is hiring 150k workers, Outschool is hiring 5000 remote teachers). We also plan to send out messages on how to file for unemployment, online gigs, and other financial tips. Our goal is to tackle the "access to information" problem which makes it difficult for people to take advantage of opportunities that exist out there.

    It's a simple concept, but we believe supporting people's employment and finances is one of the most impactful things that can be done right now. (Also massive shoutout to the frontline healthcare workers serving patients and saving lives).

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    Project Lockdown provides a worldwide overview of government-imposed movement restrictions as a measure to mitigate the serious, global effects of the COVID-19 outbreak. This interactive map tracks the status of all countries and provides information on relevant metrics to assist journalists and human rights defenders in carrying out their tasks for the common good.

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    We are an umbrella group made up of the largest entities working on solving the PPE shortage (N95 masks, scrubs, gloves, protective equipment). We aim to bring attention to the people doing the hard work of sourcing and distributing as well as encourage people to work on new supplies. We act as a connector to get folks connected to the right group depending on their needs.