Wellyou in Hard Times

HWC has helped us so much to bring "wellyou in hard times" forward. We are really enjoying and learning so much from the panel discussions, office hours and AMAs.
Through the HWC platform, we have connected to so many wonderful, warm-hearted, and helpful individuals for which we will always be so grateful. We have made connections with people that we hope will span beyond this project. Currently, we have 13 volunteers from HWC on board (not 73 as seen on the platform) helping us with content writing/brainstorming, proofreading and UX/UI/graphic design - all for “wellyou in hard times.”

Every single person who has joined our team as a volunteer from HWC puts a smile on our faces and warms our hearts when we think of them. They are all so unique but one thing they have in common is their kindness and willingness to do whatever they can to make a positive impact. They make our team even fuller and brighter and although we can write extensively about every one of them, here are some examples:

Ariane: product development specialist who may be the funniest woman we ever met. She had us laughing during our entire 1.5-hour skype call and at the end of our follow-up email, we wrote: “To be honest, can we just be friends so that we can have you in our lives?”

Anusha: A young 20-year old woman who lives in a small city/village (?) in India who melted our hearts when she told us that she turned to the internet to find a community to help because her local community is too small and offers no opportunities.

Andy: A young Californian who is at the beginning of his UX/UI career and is really passionate about user research. He has already conducted a survey for our project asking Americans “how they feel during this crisis” and “what they would like to be informed about.” Along with our other UX/UI volunteers conducting user research, he will be supervised by our advisor, Hans, who worked at the Deutsche Telekom HQ in Cologne for 7 years in various roles including Head of UX. Andy has also expressed interest to intern with us at a later stage.

Chris: An Australian who was one of the first volunteers who reached out to us. As a designer, he has designed and built our “wellyou in hard times” landing page, bringing in a refreshing new look. We will have the page online very soon!

Katy: We had a call with her today. She is a health sciences student and when we explained to her our (above-mentioned) reservations of going forward with the Android development, she came up with a great idea. Why not create something on the web? That hadn\'t crossed our minds before...

Keeley: A psychology graduate who is also at the beginning of her UX/UI career. We told her to use our project as a playground to try out new things and improve her design skills. While creating illustrations for one of our deep-dive topics, she noticed that the text could use minor adjustments to make it sound more colloquial to the American reader (indeed, it was written by our Dutch intern). Thanks to her, the piece of text is ready for the English native speaker.

Volunteer → wellyou in hard times.