Quorum X Diagnostics

The HWC platform has been excellent and we have benefited a lot from the website. The most useful components have been the office hours and the discord.

I have attended 3 office hour sessions so far. We have taken the advice about how to structure our time bw fundraising and prototype building. Excellent! Excellent advice!! Our project information has been requested 3 separate times to share for fundraising purposes. I found a volunteer startup lawyer to answer some key questions. He may provide long term help.

The discord was eminently helpful for immediate communication. We have applied for YC and we augmented the application about 2 weeks ago indicating our pivot from our QXD-1 Fast test for pseudomonal pneumonia to our QXD-3 Fast test for Covid. It was a little bit challenging finding volunteers at first, kinda like swimming in the sea looking for volunteers on the other side. Ultimately, I did find the help I need for at least one of my challenges.