All Probono

With urgency and clear-sighted strategy, HWC set about transforming the way that humanity can mobilise and respond to COVID-19 from critically early on in the crisis. From this brilliant start to this moment in time, tens of thousands of volunteers have joined together as HWC aids ever more vital and life-saving projects all across the world. All Probono are just one of those groups who owe so much gratitude to such a fantastic community. Thank you!

A few of the countless ways in which the HWC network has aided one team:
Sharing bespoke and highly experienced advice, alongside heartfelt and inspiring encouragement, with our team as we develop and scale (as well as being such a model of excellence to learn from!).
Rapidly speeding up the process where so many people are able to find a project they love in a time when so many long to help protect and save lives. For our volunteers and so many more, Help With Covid couldn’t have been more of a gift to find.
Acting as a hive where committed volunteers from across the globe can collaborate together and all whilst caring for this community so immaculately. The HWC community has welcomed and nurtured so many volunteers and projects just like ours. Thank you for the care and wonderful aid you have shared with us all!

With gratitude,
Our team at All Probono