The Citizen Health

I have told Kinjal through DM's that our organization really is the "little company that could." Citizen Health is an organization dedicated to rebuilding healthcare. We like to think of our company as a model of Tesla and SpaceX; if they built a Healthcare Ecosystem, what would that look like? We like to think that this is us- different segments working together that can drive healthcare forward in a networked capacity, reducing costs, and leading with innovation. This is hard tech, and we are here for it. We were just about to launch our Healthcare Cooperative when COVID-19 crashed into our world. Everything changed overnight. We needed to respond to this crisis because this is the core of our company- Helping people understand their health and helping them make better decisions about their health. There is no better time to assist people than in a pandemic. We pivoted immediately and began to seek out resources that could help us place a trusted COVID app into the hands of the general public. COVIDx was created by people, for people, and to help people through this time. We found Help With Covid fairly quickly and realized there was an incredible resource here of talented professionals and people who genuinely cared about their fellow human beings. This calling is significant: "I have time, I have skills, I want to help- I am going to help." I am sitting here wiping tears out of my eyes as I type this. Most people are genuinely good. Help with Covid underscores this belief. To every volunteer here in this community, I say thank you.

Without HWC, I know we would have been struggling to find people who wanted to donate their time, talent, and expertise to help us. This community has been created for a fundamental purpose: To take on COVID with innovation and technology and help the world get back on its feet. It would be impossible to find that without a network of volunteers and we found that in this incredible community. For our project specifically, we have met some of the most amazing people and their contributions have taken us from concept to early working prototypes of our app. We are humbled and inspired by our new colleagues and friends. As I write to you, over 110 volunteers have volunteered their services to us. We are now moving forward with a component project to COVIDx. In many ways, I believe this may be the way any software project or startup of the future begins.... What is the hardest part to get off the ground? The early-stage: People who can help you, a lot of volunteered time, and an early working prototype to test and iterate on.... You crushed that here with HWC. I implore you to build on it. Model of the future.

In closing, I would like to thank the moderators and the team of HWC. Your time spent with me and my project have been so very appreciated. Thank you for putting this community together and having the vision to see that it was needed. I am fully supportive of the HWC community and am happy to endorse you in any way. Please continue to reach out to me, if I can help you with what you have so generously given to me. Thank you.

With Sincere Gratitude and Appreciation,
Megan Janas & The Citizen Health Team