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9892 volunteers from around the world

They have all offered to help out with COVID-19 related projects. Looking for a specific skill not here? Email us.

  • Srayan Goswami /

    I am a UX Designer working at Cognizant, India. I love cooking, designing, photopraphy, football & poems.

    Core skillset: UX Design and UI Design
    I have basic idea on coding only required for design but do not count me in for coding. I will happily volunteer in such harsh times.

    Serampore, West Bengal, India
  • Marco Mascorro /

    Robotics Engineer

    Working on this ventilator right now. Second version coming very soon:

    San Francisco
  • Dan Doelger /

    An extra pair of hands.. willing to help.
    (I.e., Grocery runs, maintenance/small projects, etc.)

    Downtown Denver, CO
  • Anthony Venturini /

    ReactJS, NextJS, Apollo, GraphQL - Front End Engineer

    San Francisco, CA
  • Isaac Krasny /

    Operations & product generalist with YC startup & healthcare biz experience

  • Paul Fitzpatrick /

    databases, spreadsheets, machine learning, robotics, computer vision

  • Raghav Bandla /

    Computer engineer with program management experience.

    San Francisco Bay area
  • Chaitenya Razdan /

    Co-Founder and CEO at Care+Wear

    New York, NY
  • Yitong Zhang /

    Product designer @ Coinbase
    General PM + frontend capabilities

    San Francisco
  • Cameron kelley /


  • Shikhar B. /

    Works at the intersection of Tech and Growth

    New Delhi
  • Mahendra Kutare /

    Distributed Systems
    Data and ML Infrastructure
    Monitoring and Analytics Infrastructure
    Crowdsourcing - Mechanical Turk
    Founder and Creative Director -
    (World Poetry, Literature & Music Organization) Organizes monthly gatherings and live performance shows.

    San Francisco, CA, 94117
  • Arnav Patil /

    I am a high schooler interested in helping out with the problems associated with this outbreak.

    Texas, USA
  • Raj Kunkolienkar /

    building : info and groups around India's efforts.
    Setting up autonomous response teams of youngsters

    Goa, India
  • Howard Pakosh /

    Serial entrepreneur & angel investor in the following markets: IoT, consumer electronics, semiconductors and blockchain.

    Toronto, ON Canada
  • Oktay Arslan /

    PhD in Robotics
    Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Vision, Decision Making
    Software Engineer/Researcher

    Fremont, CA, USA
  • Mark Nagelberg /

    I'm a data scientist. Experience with Python, VBA, SQL / Relational Databases, Data munging / analysis / automation, Web application development

    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
  • Sami Ahmed /

    data scientist/pre-sales engineer/musician based on Chicago, IL

    Chicago, IL
  • Abdel Shokair /

    Fullstack Software Engineer with 3 years of industry experience. Javascript, Node.js, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform & Firebase, PostgreSQL, HTML & CSS. Fluent in 4 languages: French, English, Arabic, and Spanish.

    New York City
  • Eduardo Faustino /

    Filmmaker, Business owner, Marketing.

    Bay Area, CA
  • Boris Schmalz /

    MD (neuropsychiatrist with 4 years of clinical experience)

    Biotech Consultant/Analyst (regenerative medicine, stem cells, hematology)

    Co-founder of the organ preservation alliance (Berkeley)

  • David Yee /

    - I have a flexible schedule and can dedicate my time to help move any project forward.
    - I lead the cannabis group at a boutique investment bank in Los Angeles.
    - My experience centers around finance and capital raises from private equity firms and family offices.
    - Previously on the boards of local non-profits including the United Way.

    Southern California
  • AndrĂ©s Felipe Gallego Santana /

    I'm a Telecommunications Engineer passionate about front end development. I've been designing and developing web applications for more than 8 years.
    Experienced on JavaScript, React, Redux, Jest, Testing Library, CSS, HTML5, TypeScript. Elixir and Rust enthusiast, aspiring to use them in my professional career in the near future.
    I like exercising, meditating, plants, walking my dogs, travelling, trying out new restaurants, reading about NLP, neural science, Brain Computer Interface, psychotherapy and technology in general. Right now I am teaching myself Elixir, Phoenix, Rust and TensorFlow.js while learning German on my own.

  • Bryan Healey /

    Serial entrepreneur and ML engineer

    Boston, MA
  • Matthew Reed /

    Mechanical Engineer and Product Designer

    Denver, Colorado